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July 5, 2010

3 duck eggs in back row which are much larger than a chicken egg in front row

Duck egg potato salad

So strange that at the weekend when I visited a garden centre and instead of leaving with an expected armful of lovely plants, I bought half a dozen duck eggs. I’d totally forgotten about those beautifully blue coloured egg shells with a rich yolk which I had consumed in my childhood. Spied 6 duck eggs in the shop and they just called to me to buy them and so I did!

Made me think about why weren’t duck eggs widely available in the supermarket? I know that Waitrose sell them and you can find them in farmers’ markets and delicatessens but it’s definitely a challenge to find them in your local shop.

Did a bit of research and duck eggs were popular before the Second World War but after the war, these eggs got a bad reputation for being a cause of salmonella. Unfortunately, people forgot about them and it’s about time these made a comeback. They’re much bigger than a typical chicken egg, very nutritious and can be used to replace chicken eggs in baking. Apparently, duck eggs can make lovely light cakes and omelettes and their flavour is rich. Compared to chicken eggs, they have approximately 20% more calories, 10% more fat, 50% more cholesterol with higher levels of iron and vitamin B12. I love poached, boiled and fried eggs with a gooey runny yolk but not sure how safe this is for duck eggs as they’re more prone to carrying salmonella, probably due to their highly porous shell. Definitely wash the eggs before storing in a cool place and treat them like chicken eggs when checking for freshness. You can do the float test by adding the egg to a bowl of water and observing whether it sinks or floats. If it floats to the top, discard it as it’s a rotten egg! If it sinks to the bottom, it’s very fresh, if it’s standing upright, it’s still good to eat!

Today, I simply boiled 2 duck eggs, quartered them and added them to a potato salad. If you want a recipe, I posted a salmon and potato salad recently which I adapted by excluding the salmon, yoghurt and cucumber and added beetroot and more mayonnaise.

Just simply delicious…Bring back duck eggs!!

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